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Happy Birthday Dave Lambert

Happy Birthday Dave Lambert
For ages people party on Saturnights its
THE night to get out and get all wet and wild , forget about everything and step into our world of musical pleasure , 4 rooms ,dancers , shows phenomenal screens , all music styles and our waiters give you the best service in the country .

Versuz Star Residents with the ultimate Housy/Soulfull/Electronic vibe

Main room

Tom Leclercq
Barry Fore

Mc Shurakano

Visuals by Cinearte and lights by Nils and Chrizz
visit by MC Shurakano www.myspace.com/shurakano , Violin Micah and Sakso on the Sax


Check out this urban pleasure garden , a weekly succes for its happy numerous visitors .

Dj Sense
Mc Money with the latest & oldest RnB & Eclectic tracks

Lights by Chrizz and Rowan

Stella music room
DJ Thomas with the allround top 50 hits
1 beer = 1 euro !!

For Vip & limo's mail to
Nicolas@versuz.be and info@limoline.be

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